Campaign for Liberty is looking to raise $145,629 to launch a massive "Banner Bomb" that will flood the Internet with our Audit the Fed message.

Our Banner ads will direct endless phone calls directly to our targeted Representatives while accumulating a massive tidal wave of petitions.

Your donation will go directly toward purchasing Internet banner buys on popular sites like Drudge Report, Breitbart, Fox News, The Daily Caller, and any other site that hosts banner advertisements. There will be no hiding from our calls for transparency at the Federal Reserve.

Below is an approximate breakdown of views differing donations will buy on various sites:

$19 ~ 9,000 views on Drudge Report
$37 ~ 11,000 views on Breitbart
$61 ~ 19,000 views on The Daily Caller
$82 ~ (best value) 42,000 views on Drudge Report
$143 ~ 70,000 views on Fox News
$237 ~ 95,000 on Breitbart

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